Grand Genealogy Conference sponsored by Family History Expos in Atlanta GA–You won’t want to miss it!

12-13 November 2010, the grandest Family History Expos genealogy show of all will be held at the large EXPO Center in Duluth Georgia.  And I have prepared 4 brand-new topics–not the same old classes you have heard me give before.  And I want to share them with you.  All the resources that are now available to crack your 20-year pedigree dead-ends.
My Topics for Atlanta
  1. Track Hard-to-Find Southern Ancestors in Land and Property Records.  Property ownership is of sufficient importance to every level of jurisdiction, and always has been essential. Property records make up the most consistent, most reliable, most provable record category you have.  If you have been seeking your hard-to-find ancestor for 15-20 years–its time you had an “easy button.”  Searching the same records other researchers have checked, hoping for a different answer usually doesn’t work.  Learn about property sources and records that others before you have not used. For the first time, solve your tough genealogy problems with land evidence.

  2. Tracing the Ladies on your Pedigree:  Best Evidence and Research Strategies that Work! How to find sources on women, how to identify missing maiden names, how to discover remarried surnames, where to look when the sources don’t list parents, and how knowing about the ladies can help you extend male lines, too. Women’s occupations will be discussed in detail.  Also covered: proving daughter-father relationships, special record collections, and DAR projects.
  3. Migration Patterns from the British Isles to the Southern United States. Before 1850  England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales sent more than 1.2 million ancestors directly to the South–including yours.  This class will discuss actual patterns and identify key Locator Indexes of names.  The hard work is done, you get an “easy button” for a change.
  4. American Congressional Records. The Constitution guarantees all American citizens the right to petition the government for help in time of need. Our ancestors exercised this right frequently; we seldom do.  This session will examine Congressional petitions and their accompanying papers in detail.  Special attention will be given to compiled indexes, record locations, and how right to search these valuable sources:  to prove Revolutionary War ancestors, to follow ancestral migrations, to identity married names of remarried ladies on your pedigree.  When the courthouse burned or when the local government failed to act, your ancestors sought help from Congress.

And who knows I may even have a new power point or two for this conference.  At any rate, come learn with us.  Register at Speakers have been carefully chosen to cover your genealogy research needs.
Since I will have a booth, I may not get to attend the classes.  Ugh!  And the syllabus will be posted online–when you register, you can download the items that interest you.
FREE: Exhibit Hall, Family History Consultant trainings taught by, and “Ask-the-Pros” booth where you can get your hardest genealogy questions answered by experts FREE! Software companies will be glad to demonstrate their latest releases.
And of course, you can review all of my books and publications–and save lots of postage if you buy at the EXPO. You can also get my best research advice FREE!  Bring your pedigree charts and family sheets, along with your family traditions and let me help you. Your favorite Virginia genealogist, Arlene H. Eakle
PS  If you miss out on this event, don’t point your finger at me–I told you all about it.  Come learn with us!

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