All Southern Ancestors Program Offered at Clayton Library, Saturday 27 August 2011

The Clayton Library has invited me to speak 27 August 2011, an all-day program on Southern genealogy research.  And I am very excited about being there to do it.  I remember with such pleasure the research I did there.   And the people I met there.  And what I learned from the librarians and the attendees at other seminars.

These are the topics (the number is the number on my topic list):

6. Migration Patterns from the British Isles to the Southern United States Before 1850.  Includes People Differences:  English, Irish, Scots, Welsh

1. Appalachian Triangle: Eastern Tennessee, Northwestern North Carolina, Southeastern Kentucky, Southwestern Virginia

7. Naming Patterns: Your Key to Ancestral Origins in the Southern United States

9. Tracing a Southern Pedigree—Research strategies, finding aids, indexes, and under-used sources to by-pass burned courthouses

Let me share with all of you an important thing I have learned about the South–many Scots settled there directly from Scotland.  Not Scots-Irish.  Scots.  Because they are mistakenly identified as coming in from Ireland, these ancestors are not found at all.  Or worse, they are attached to persons in Ireland with the same names.

Is it any wonder you are still looking for those ancestors after 15-20 years?

It’s time to break your losing streak!  Come to the Seminar at the Clayton Library and let me show you the proof…your favorite Virginia genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS  My adult whooping cough does seem a bit better–from a special diet, increased exercise, and a 10-lb weight loss.  In my former life I was a registered nurse and I never studied or heard of adult whooping cough.  Can you believe it?

PPS  And did I mention black licorice?  It helps stop the whoop.  And milk shakes–cold ice cream coats the throat and soothes it.  The cough is all in the throat.  These home-remedies are my own, from the myriad of things I tried to control the cough.

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