Go with the Know How…Southern Land and Property Records, Part 2

Preliminary Checklist, Part 2:  Southern Land Records: State by State


__Spanish Land Grants

__Land Grant Frauds

__Federal Land Descriptions and Divisions

__Large Plantations

__Salt Rolls

Trade with Indian Tribes

__Panton, Leslie, Forbes Grants and Papers (See Coker and Watson, Indian Traders…University of West Florida, 1986). Over 10,000 documents on microfilm, other records collected from Spain, England, Scotland, France, Mexico, and Canada.


__Stations and stockades on 600-acre  Grants

__400-acre Pre-emptions (Scots-Irish influence), A List of Lands Claimed by Settlers and Pre-emptioners in District of Kentucky (incl WV, VA, PA) FHL#0007811, item 2

__1,000-acre Pre-emptions

__Local Censuses, 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870, recorded with Tax Rolls

__Draper Papers, include early settlements, FHL 147 microfilm reels

__Shane Papers, Scots-Irish Family and Presbyterian Church Histories and Records, FHL 36 microfilm reels.  Guide to Shane Manuscript Collections by William K. Hall.

__Military Bounty Land Grants that Span the Ohio River

__Land Processioning Minutes and Accounts

__Early Land Entries in Kentucky, 1779-1817 FHL 6 microfilm reels (Lincoln and Fayette counties, military entries, May’s Entries)

__List of Delinquent Kentucky Landowners, 1796-1806, FHL# 174950

__Headright Warrants, 1827-1849 FHL# 272874


__Land Lotteries

__Military Bounty Lands awarded to Hessian Troops by George Washington, Green County

__Index to Headrights and Bounty Grants of Georgia, 1756-1909

__Researcher’s Library of Georgia History, Genealogy, and Record Sources, 2 vols. by Robert Scott Davis

__1862 Georgia Salt Rolls ed Sherry Harris

__Bounty Lands, awarded for Revolutionary War Service in any State

__Yazoo Land Frauds

__Large Plantations

__Deeds include Migration Patterns from Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales


__Spanish Land Grant Archives, 1764-1849

__Index to Spanish West Florida Archives, 1782-1810

__East and West Florida

__Large Plantations

__Runaway Slaves:  Blacks, Indians

__Women in Florida Parishes, 1780-1971, FHL 5 microfilm reels (incl LA, MS)

__Pintado Papers, 1795-1842 FHL 3 microfilm reels (LA, FL)


__Federal Land Grants, Rectangular Survey

__Federal Military Forts

__Indian Reservations

__New York Land Developers

__Ganderrud Collection, Indexes to County Records, ca 250 vols

__TVA Relocation Files, 1934-1954 FHL 16 microfilm reels

__Mississippi Land Papers and Secret Militia Rolls, 1788, ed Winston deVille

This is a Preliminary Checklist for the Southern States Land Records:  State by State.  I will add to it from time to time and post those additions on this blog.  If you know of land processes or records that were created and preserved by jurisdictions other than the county, please share so that we can all benefit from those sources.  In the South, you need all the records you can find!  Your favorite Virginia genealogist, Arlene Eakle   http://arleneeakle.com

PS  If any of you, gentle readers, have a question, I have actual examples of every record and process listed above–including the Kentucky censuses taken by the local marshals at the time the Federal Censuses were taken.  They accepted the Federal government’s invitation to gather additional data when the Federal census was taken–some of it three pages worth for each tax payer.

PPS Records on microfilm at the Family History Library can be borrowed on loan through thousands of local research centers.  The microfilm projects may also be available at genealogy and university libraries “close to home” nearby where you live.  Check your local resources first.

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