Holly Hansen’s Southern U.S. Genealogy Collection Finds a Welcoming Home!

Just before Thanksgiving, Holly Hansen, CEO of Family History Expos and Celebrating Family History asked me to bring my van and come to her office in Croydon, Utah.  What a surprise!  She informed me that she wanted to transfer her largely Southern genealogy collection to The Genealogy Library Center, Inc.

So we loaded box after box of these books, periodicals, maps, and manuscripts into my van.  It took me two trips to move them all to my Tremonton, Utah library building.

I am now making an Inventory of titles which we will soon place on my homepage for your information:  http://arleneeakle.com

This collection is especially strong on printed, county-wide, marriage records–the life-blood of tracing hard-to-find ancestors in the South.  With extensive record loss in all southern states and in most southern county courthouses, these printed records are especially valuable.  And they are a wonderful complement to the marriage records I have collected over the years of my professional work.  Stay tuned for the Inventory, your favorite Virginia genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS  Remember that the marriage is the beginning of the family unit and enables you to trace both husband and wife at the same time–thus strengthening your proof of family relationship.

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