Whenever I Speak at a Genealogy Conference…

Whenever I speak at a genealogy conference, I find a way to include something on Virginia! Even when I speak about New York–I can include the migration of men and families from Western New York in the Holland and Pulteney purchases, who left as late as 1815 to settle in that part of Virginia that was once claimed by New York.

Want to know exactly where this area is?

  1. Register to attend Jamboree 2008, sponsored by the Southern California Genealogical Society. http://www.scgsgenealogy.com/2008jam-index.htm
  2. Come to Jamboree 2008–27, 28, 29 June 2008 Burbank Airport Marriott Hotel and Convention Center, Burbank CA–Come ready to share your most difficult Virginia genealogy research challenge with me and with Afton Reintjes and Kathryn Bassett who will accompany me.
  3. Attend my session: Saturday 9:30 to 10:30 am Tracing a Southern Pedigree: NEW search strategies in little-known and overlooked sources to help you by-pass burned courthouses, gaps in vital records, and ancestors always on the move. Also discussed new finding aids, state-wide indexes, and special research projects that enable you to locate where your ancestors settled: VA into NC, TN, KY, AR and on to California.  [I have 4 other topics I will speak on–see my speaking schedule or my blog Genealogy News Sheet for these topics.]
  4. Browse the Vendor Hall to learn what is new. My Exhibitor’s Booth is #121. Here I will have 2 new volumes for New York and 2 new volumes for Virginia. The Virginia volumes are all new material written by me on unique Virginia jurisdictions and the records they create. And the many manuscript collections that may already include your genealogy–traced, documented, and waiting for you to discover your lineage. [This is a genealogist’s dream–that your most difficult lineage has been already been traced by someone. And it is documented and proven. Well, you’d accept even a sketched lineage that is documented so that you can quickly check the documents and determine how your ancestor is proven into that lineage. Wouldn’t you?]
  5. Buy the powerful research tools that will enable you to remove the blocks to your genealogy progress. My most memorable conference was the one where each speaker had brought their books and articles for us to buy and take home after the conference was over. Even though I take very good notes, I still want the whole picture that the speaker obviously knows so well and has already shared in written format so that I can continue my study and success when I get home.

Plan now to attend Jamboree 2008. I am not the only speaker nor the only vendor. Three full days of presentations on the newest strategies and the sources that make those methods successful. And an exhibit hall full of vendors, all with the latest stuff to meet your genealogy challenges. Your favorite Virginia genealogist, Arlene Eakle http://www.arleneeakle.com

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