The Virginia-North Carolina Boundary Line and Your Genealogy

Activity along this very important colonial boundary between Virginia and North Carolina is discussed and often illustrated in these references:

  1. Briceland, Alan Vance.  Westward from Virginia:  Exploration of Virginia-North Carolina Frontier, 1650-1710.  Charlottesville VA:  University Press of Virginia, 1987.
  2. Powell, William S., etal.  The Regulators in North Carolina:  A Documentary History, 1759-1776.  Raleigh NC:  State Department Archives and History, 1971.  This is a very large volume of more than 600 pages with a very good bibliography.
  3. “Records of Emigrants from England and Scotland to North Carolina, 1774-1775,” North Carolina Historical Review (Jan-Apr 1934).  30 pp.  Includes England:  100 names; Scotland:  500 names.  At the outbreak of the American Revolution, there were 15,000 Scottish Highlanders along this border.  Over 1,600 Highlanders arrived in 1770 alone.  Names were also printed in part in the New England Historical and Genealogical Register (1908-1911).

If you are tracing a family with a Scottish surname, beware if you are told they were Scots-Irish along this border.  Most of the Scots came directly from Scotland to take advantage of the economic conditions here.  They ran lucrative mercantile establishments, trading with the Indians, with new settlers, with countries abroad.

Do a bit of careful study along this boundary, your favorite Virginia genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS  The above list is just a beginning–stay tuned for more, in depth, recommendations.




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