A Source for Virginia (and West Virginia) Marriages–A Minisode

“…to preach with the pen and press is the only substitute for proclamation of the voice.” The Reverend William Annan, D.D. edited the Presbyterian Advocate and Herald of the West, 4 Oct 1838-24 Oct 1855. To increase readership, marriages and other vital events, current happenings, and other information hoped to be of interest to the readers were added to the spiritual content.

Lots of Virginia and West Virginia marriages, with evidence of kinship and residences for populations on the move!

The genealogical items, including the marriages, have been excerpted and printed by Closson Press: Genealogical Excerpts from the Presbyterian Advocate, 1838-1855. 1999. Available http://www.clossonpress.com.

Your favorite Virginia genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS  Sometimes the spacing of the words is messed up when I push the publish button to post online.  I’m sorry–I do not know how to correct it.  AE

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