Overheard at the Winter Olympics in Sochi

Overheard at the Sochi Olympics…

The only ones who practice are the ones who are convinced they can accomplish something.

This simple statement sparked my thoughts and I pondered:   What keeps a researcher focused on a genealogy problem others have tried to solve and deserted at last as unsolvable?

  • New records
  • Books with new insight
  • Unusual maps with placenames on the land never before considered
  • Old manuscripts never published, now circulating for the first time
  • Digitized original records–with more than one version available for comparison
  • Shared family tradition that match

And the possibility that all these resources and more can now be searched efficiently.

A dedicated genealogical researcher can compare what is known–available on family charts and pedigrees as never before–with newly discovered and newly accessible records–

  • Do they match?
  • Do they challenge previous conclusions?
  • Does a name on one chart actually match the data on another chart?
  • How many names does the ancestor have?
  • When the sources disagree, is there another record that resolves the discrepancy?

If  you have concluded that your research is at a dead-end, let me take a crack at it.  I don’t believe in dead-ends!  Not in 2014 with major websites spilling over with the “somethings” to identify and prove your ancestors.  Your favorite Virginia genealogist, Arlene Eakle  http://arleneeakle.com

PS At the Sacramento/Northern California Family History Expo, 2 May-3 May 2014, I get to speak again on Virginia research–with many new examples on the richness of Virginia record sources and their availability.  Why not register and attend?  You can decide whether you want to solve the problem yourself or turn the problem over to me.

PPS And you can bring your family charts and pedigrees for FREE personal consultation with me or other PROS at the conference.

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