Vanity Run Amouk…And Your Genealogy!

I suppose  I am as vain as any other woman in professional genealogy–I love to be complimented on what I share with genealogists who attend the sessions I teach at conferences and those who read these blog episodes.   Ugh!

But hey, when these accolades come from friends who attend especially to hear me, I’d like to acknowledge what they say.  And to share their accolades with you–so here goes…

1.  I was particularly interested in all her classes as I do research in NC, MS, TN, and VA; her areas of expertise.  Even someone who does not research those areas could have gleaned at the very least–a good history lesson!  The Family History Expos always have a great selection of speakers including Gina Philbert Ortega, Leland Meitzler, Ron Arons, Lisa Alzo, and many others.  But, if you are lucky enough to attend one which features Arlene as a speaker, you will not go home without new ideas and great directions to further your research.

She always has a booth on site too and offers a very good selection of her own published books as well as some good books by other authors in the genealogy field.  Some of her newest titles are “Genealogy in Land Records” and “Tennessee Research.”  And I was lucky to have purchased several of her titles as well as other great books at the Expo.  Winter needs to hurry and come so I have more quiet evenings of reading!  You Go Genealogy Girls #2, Cheri Hopkins, 3 Sep 2010

2.  Jean here, and your blog, Arlene H. Eakle’s Genealogy Blog, was determined to be an essential part of our resources, and has received our Top Genealogy Blogs award presented by Online Colleges and Universities!

You can see your name amongst our winners here at:

We feel learning should not be limited to only what you can earn a college degree in. So we began an Experimental College, where knowledge extends beyond the classroom. And your blog is a pivotal part of our resources.  Jean Haskins, Online Colleges and Universities, Oct 2010.

Ancestry Insider calls me “Aunt Arlene” (, post 3 Sep 2010) and Family History Expos has designated me a “Blogger of Honor” (

What I appreciate more than the accolades from all these friends, is the statement:  “Winter needs to hurry and come so I have more of those quiet evenings of reading.”

Each and every trip that I make to any research library includes an hour reserved to my own personal use.  I head for the new book shelf or the new and current periodical section–so I can fill up the funnel from which my presentations, my publications, and my blogs come.

You would find this approach enlightens and heightens your library trip.  And your hard-to-find ancestors will line up on the road for you to encounter aids to help track them, like they do for me.

Happens all the time to me.  In every library.  Of course, I write a lot of stuff and trace only your hard-to-find ancestors–lots of them.  So I need a lot of aid! Your favorite Virginia genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS  I am presenting the same program on Southern Research in Atlanta that I did in Kansas City:

  1. What is the South and Why is it Different?
  2. Birth, Marriage, and Death Records in the Southern States
  3. Migrations of Southern Church Groups to the Midwest:  Routes and Records  (includes how to determine their national origins)
  4. Want Land, Will Travel:  Southern Land Records, State-by-State

One exception:  I am adding more emphasis on the Deep South this event.

PPS  I am also bringing my books and information products to sell to those of you who attend.  You save postage.  You get to see before you buy.  And you can ask all the questions of me that you want, first!  Two whole days!

REGISTER:  Conference at the Gwinnett Center, Duluth GA, 12-13 November 2010.   Exhibit Hall is FREE.  So is my advice.

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