Mesa Family History Expo–14-15 Nov 2008–Finding Hard-to-Find Virginia Ancestors and MORE

Come to the Mesa Family History Expo–to find your Virginia Ancestors

Now that the election is over, you and I can settle in to get our genealogy work done. And our dental work done.  And the news media will have to find another focus for their scrutiny. And we can concentrate on hard-to-find ancestors.

If you have hard-to-find Virginia ancestors… Or, if you have an ancestor in Ky or IN or IL or MO or OH and the census says he is born in Virginia… Or, if you have searched for the origins of your family in Southwestern Pennsylvania without success… Or, if your ancestor served in the Revolutionary War and ended up in North Carolina or Georgia… SEARCH Virginia!

At the Mesa Family History Expo –14-15 Nov 2008 I will show you how to find these “lost” Virginia ancestors. My presentations:

  1.  Early Virginia Research. Focus: Hard-to-find Virginia ancestors. Virginia has unique jurisdictions that create records on specific segments of the population. These records usually survive when the courthouse burned. So the major record loss that Virginia has experienced need not stop your pedigree progress. And the records of these jurisdictions have been unavailable until more recent times–you will be searching sources not yet examined by other genealogy researchers who have tried to extend your lineage. Thus increasing your chances of finding difficult ancestors. The Virginia Jurisdictional Challenge can help you find those ancestors you seek.
  2.  Evaluating Genealogical Evidence. Or, How Do You Know Your Records Are Accurate? Or, How Do You Discover Hidden Ancestors In Everyday Records? Perhaps you were completely unaware that ancestors could be hidden in documents that seem commonplace in the 21st Century. You will learn about “slips of the tongue” evidence, family traditions and their accuracy (or lack of it), and how to by-pass record source failure–burned courthouses and destroyed records. You will also discover special genealogy research analysis tools.
  3. Why Property Records Are Important In Tracing Hard-to-Find Ancestors. The property records of America form a remarkable and complete record system. These records are based in law, so you will learn about the underlying legal base of the records as we review: How to Read A Deed. How to fit the property records together. How to prove father-son and grandmother-granddaughter relationships. At what age a person can buy, sell, and inherit property. And why you must read the whole document!

A $1.00 bribe: $1.00 doesn’t buy much any more.

Except from me!

Come to Booth #88 in the Exhibit Hal of the Mesa Convention Center (263 N. Center Street –free parking). Open until 6:00 pm both days.  You can buy the most complete and timely Checklist of American Property Records: National, State, and Local Jurisdictions. For $1.00 American. Compiled by me. With this amazing research tool, you will know where to look and what records to search to prove your hard-to-find ancestors.

You can still register–and attend over 101 classes by experts from across the United States.  Register online at or by phone 80l-829-3295 or by mail (HURRY) My Ancestors Found PO Box 187 Morgan UT 84050.  $90.00.

If you are not planning to attend the Expo (Horrors and Double Horrors!), for a very limited time you can request this checklist from me by email for $2.00 postpaid with Paypal. Or FAX 435-550-4585 with the credit card of your choice. Or by postal mail Arlene Eakle’s Genealogical Institute, Inc. PO Box 129, Tremonton UT 84337-0129 with your check or credit card.

Don’t delay–when the special printing of the Checklist is gone, it is gone! Your favorite genealogy evidence guru, Arlene Eakle

PS I am bringing my 3/4 ton pick-up truck to the Mesa Expo filled with my publications for you to buy. No postage charge at the Expo and you can examine and choose just the right set of instructions to find your hardest-to-find Virginia ancestor–including Scots-Irish, Native American, ancestors from the British Isles, German.

PPS You can also bring your pedigree charts and family groups to the Expo for my FREE research advice. My time is always free at conferences and expos.

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