Your Very Own Genealogy Economic Stimulus Package

I’m serious.  Your Very Own Economic Stimulus Package.  Read on…

On my website, in the next two or three days, you can review and print a Genealogy Research Grant worth up to $400.00.  I’ll explain at the end of this post how to cash it in.  First, let me tell you the reasons I’ve made such a BOLD offer to you–You, my most loyal genealogy friends and readers:

  1. Given the state of the economy this year, you have probably said to yourself, “I just can’t use my money on ancestors.  They will have to wait.”  Actually, ancestors provide the most stable anchor you can give your family members, your children, and your grandchildren in hard times.  Children who know their ancestors are less likely to do drugs, drop out of school, cheat on exams, experiment with sex.
  2. Frankly, I know that times are tough:  9-cent milk is a $1.00 per day loss per cow.  We’re dairy farmers.  And we’re losing more than $200.00 every day.  Yet, who better to come to the rescue with this personal recession-buster during difficult times than Arlene Eakle?  I know how important ancestors are.
  3. And, I don’t want money alone to stand in your way.  So I’m making the most generous genealogy research grant offer–EVER!  Up to $400.00.

Hey, I’m not trying to brag here.  No other professional genealogist has ever provided such a genealogy bonus.  Its just that no other professional genealogist cares the way I do.  And because my research funds support The Genealogy Library Center, Inc. and pay its expenses at the moment–I don’t want that important research preservation facility to suffer during down times.

And I want you to know that my genealogy business has been around since 1962, first in  Woods Cross, then Salt Lake City, then Tremonton UT.  I’ve seen for myself, how much excitement new ancestors can bring to people–Remember, in my opinion, genealogy is a necessity.

For more than 30 years, in good times and in bad, genealogy investment in my ability to find hard-to-find ancestors has continued without stopping.  My success rate is still 96%–this is a tremendous bonus to you–and I can give you generous mileage for every $ you entrust to me.

Because… my work is guaranteed.

Because…I know that my research system can find 96% of your ancestors–month after month, year after year.

Because…When I have two or more clients with research in the same set of records–they share the cost of the search.  All of your surnames are researched at the same time.

Because…I always keep your ancestors in mind when I search in places nearby where they also lived.  I pull them from the sources too.  This gives you entries for your people that we may not find again.

Imagine!  What a totally awesome conversation starter for your family and friends–what you know about newly-identified ancestors–their lives, their origins, their out-of-the-ordinary exploits.  Much better than repeating the “doom and gloom” you hear on the news!

How to claim your Genealogy Research Grant:

  1. Check my website under Economic Stimulus Research Offer.
  2. Print the Genealogy Research Grant (pdf) and circle your personal amount.
  3. Choose your research package.
  4. Review the checklist and prepare your genealogy data for your hard-to-find ancestor.
  5. Ship the grant, your payment, and your research details directly to me–Arlene Eakle, PO Box 129, Tremonton UT 84337-0129.

Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

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